ratatoskr had birthday last Sunday and chikin-chrisp got the idea to make a cake with a print (eatable) on it. (she also made the photo)

She asked me on short notice if I had time to draw a picture for it (I think she got the idea on short notice, too haha) and… I liked the idea so much I made some time ;w; (sorry, the picture is so rushed T_T )

It was such a nice birthday too, and that was the best chocolate tart I ever ate! (chikin has some serious talent going on there, I tell you)


It’s still Rurin's birthday for six minutes!!1 So this was my present, Queen Naoto, the Detective Prince. Happy Birthday! <3



I have to say my favorite part of this entire piece was coming up with Professor Levi’s “Class Rules” and Jean drooling on his book. Poor babies!

Marco, you can’t be at the top of your class if you keep staring lovingly at Jean during lectures. Eren, stop. Armin, just let it go.

Thank you to everyone who followed me on this journey to complete this piece. This was so much fun to work on!


mama Mikasa is the best Mikasa.

Drawing main protagonists hugging right before the show ends is how I cope. Who else is not ready for the final? D:

"Looks like you’ve finally figured it out. You can’t go to that side. No matter where you go, there is no place for you!”

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